Fiction stories

Pie in the Sky and Other Stories

By Ava Lepor

Short Stories / Fiction

In moments, people were snapping Otto’s picture, to be sent to every media outlet imaginable. Reporters from a variety of radio stations were interviewing him. Otto Sloan would be a household name all over Idaho! He couldn’t wait to share the good news with Mary and Allison . . .
When he arrived at his home, he was greeted by television crews.
Mary did not smile. She was fond of her privacy.
The Internal Revenue Service was calling. Otto’s tax bill for his winnings would be twenty million dollars. Just so he would know.
In the following days, he received messages by fax, by email, by voicemail, by snail mail. He started getting piles and piles of junk mail offers. Was he interested in buying a ranch in Patagonia? Did he want his own island off of British Columbia? Wouldn’t he be delighted with a gold-trimmed yacht?
The messages were relentless. Old classmates, ex-girlfriends, old church ladies were pounding him with requests. Mary was threatening divorce. Otto was checking out psychiatrists on the internet. At least he could afford their fees, right?
His bedroom phone started ringing. He was afraid to answer. Maybe it was a call from the Mob.

From love stories to comedy to psychological drama, Pie in the Sky and Other Stories will keep you turning the pages.

Eighteen stories await, taking you to far-flung locales and deep into the hearts of a wide array of compelling characters. Their passion and verve will keep you on the edge of your seat as they face formidable obstacles on the paths to their dreams.

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Editorial Reviews

“A work of art that will keep you up long into the night . . . Pie in the Sky and Other Stories is sure to become one of your favorite reads as it has become mine . . . Her characters are so realistic that you feel as if you know them . . . Each story . . . is unique and contains an element of surprise. If you are looking for a refreshing new read, pick up a copy . . . and you will surely find yourself with a renewed look on life, one that reminds you that life is good and kindness needs to be shared.”
Judith A. Habert, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, San Diego Woman Magazine

“Pie in the Sky and Other Stories, written from the heart of the gifted author Ava Lepor, is a treasure trove of kindheartedness and humanity that broadens the reader’s imaginings through eighteen enchanting tales of life, stories in which we can all envision ourselves, be inspired by, and creatively grow through. This is one of those books that you don’t want to end…and will keep you looking for those Other Stories to come.”
Michael R. Mantell, Ph.D, clinical psychologist and best-selling author

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