Silver Linings: A Collection of Short Stories

By Ava Lepor

Memoir / Creative Nonfiction

My knees were shaking, quaking wildly beneath my long down coat. My heart was pounding, my mind reeling. Wolves were predacious. Knowing that my four-year-old would be in grave danger were he to run, a tasty, easy catch in the eyes of the wolf-dogs, I conjured up as calm a voice as I could, and instructed him to stay with me. Amazingly, he seemed unaware of the danger we were facing, yet heeded me without question. Then, I offered a swift, silent prayer to the Almighty. Please, I implored, give me the strength to see us through, to protect my precious ones.

In this enchanting collection of short stories, the author takes you through the delightful, inspiring, and thought-provoking stories of her life experience, from her childhood, to world travels, to motherhood. Join her as she gets into trouble daydreaming in school, prepares the perfect plan to get her driver's license, encounters a group of children insisting she adopt a stray cat, experiences culture shock trying to buy a pickle in Holland, faces down a pack of wolves in the Judean hills, and many more adventures.

From reading these stories with your family to snuggling up with this book at bedtime, Silver Linings will make you laugh, make you wonder, and transport you to other places and times. It will, most of all, make you appreciate the beauty and excitement in living every day.

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Cover of Silver Linings