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Short Stories Long on Life

By Ava Lepor

Short Stories / Fiction

It is the day before Thanksgiving, and it seems like the entire town is shopping here. Based on my number, there are twenty-six customers ahead of me. I came for bagels and baguettes, but I don’t believe I can withstand a long wait in a bakery smelling of apple pie and chocolate chip cookies. Tough luck, I think, this really is sweet torture.
“Sugar is the devil,” someone says to nobody in particular. It is an elderly woman seated on her walker.
“Have you come just for bread, then?” I inquire, trying to be polite.
She shakes her head. “Matilda is turning six, so I’m buying her birthday cake.”
She fingers her ticket, number fifty-two, only two ahead of mine. We might as well chat; we both have a long wait ahead.
“How lovely,” I say. “So is Matilda your great-granddaughter?”
She frowns, disapproval etched on her face. “Matilda is my daughter,” she says icily.

Pick up this book, kick off your shoes, and settle into your favorite cozy spot by the fireside! Ava Lepor is about to welcome you aboard her extraordinary coach of many characters.

Here, you will meet a wide variety of individuals that dot this quintessentially American landscape. You will find them from snowy Idaho to the scorching desert of Arizona, from small town Iowa to New York City, from the North Carolina backwoods to New England, and from Southern California to Hawaii. They represent just about every age group, from children to teens, millennials, and the middle-aged to sturdy centenarians.

The author’s instrument is the English language; her rich medley of melodies will delight you in this fascinating rendition of the great harmony of life. Most of all, you will be moved by the rich depth of human longing and emotion in the shared humanity of this kaleidoscope of characters.

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